Spirit 400C/S

Spirit 400 is a 4 metre wide pneumatic seed drill, available either as the seed-only version Spirit 400S or as the combi version Spirit 400C. The heavy-duty frame guarantees a long working life, while the high precision metering and large seed hopper provide an impressive result with less downtime on the field.

The pneumatic seed drill Spirit carries out levelling, seedbed preparation, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass. It is known to provide impressive precision at high working speeds on the field. Thanks to the individual row depth control, Spirit always places the seed at the intended seeding depth. You benefit from an even emergence over the entire field.

High precision seed and fertiliser metering

The metering system Fenix II, combines high precision metering with great capacity. The combi version Spirit 400C meters out both the seed and the fertiliser via two separate Fenix II metering systems. Fenix II is driven by a heavy-duty electric motor enabling Spirit 400C to meter up to 500kg fertiliser per hectare at 15km/h.

Large hopper capacity

To minimise downtime in the field, Spirits hopper capacity is 3740 litre for the seed-only version and 3900 litre for the combi version. The hopper is very easy to fill due to its large opening with a roll-up cover operated from the ground, With an open machine design, you benefit from good access to all components throughout the machine.

Fertiliser placement

The combi version Spirit 400C uses the Väderstad FIX technique which places fertiliser in 5cm wide strips at 125mm row spacing in front of every seed row. The fertiliser is placed below and separate from the seed to avoid seed burn or delayed emergence. The seed benefits from a fast and effective nutrient uptake. The fertiliser depth can be adjusted from the cab on the move. For full specifications visit the Väderstad website here. Related Väderstad Machines. Spirit 600-900C Spirit 600-900S Spirit R 300S