TopDown 300-900

TopDown 300-900 is a high intensity multipurpose cultivator, performing both a full-scale shallow cultivation and a deep cultivation in one single pass. By adapting the working result to different conditions in the field, TopDown is a highly versatile multipurpose cultivator with an unmatched performance. TopDown reduce passes, preserves ground moisture, increases capacity and lowers the establishment costs.

Multiple operations in one pass

TopDown is a multipurpose cultivator, combining an intensive disc cultivator along with a robust three axle tine cultivator in the same machine. The 12.5cm spaced discs on individually suspended disc arms, creates fine tilth by cutting and mixing the top soil. The 27cm spaced tines then loosen and mix the soil and crop residues down to 30cm working depth. In the final two working zones, the leveller and packer then concludes by ensuring an even and fully reconsolidated surface.

High quality discs

The high quality discs are produced using specialist hardened Swedish V-55 steel. The discs provide intensive cutting and mixing of soil and crop residue. To adapt to varying soil conditions, the working intensity of the discs can be adjusted from the cab on the move. Thanks to the discs conical shape, they maintain the same working angle relative to the soil, irrespective of wear or working depth.

Effective mixing and loosening

With 27cm tine spacing, TopDown intensively mixes and loosen the soil down to 30cm depth. With DeepLoosening points the depth increases to 40cm. The 700kg stone release system maintains the correct working depth in all conditions, contributing to an even crop growth.

Wide choice of points and shins

To meet differing farming needs, TopDown can be fitted with a wide range of points and shins. The tine is constructed as a modular system, enabling quick change and high versatility. With the right choice of points and shins you are able to optimise the working result on your fields, providing the best start possible for the next crop. For full specifications visit the Väderstad website here. Related Väderstad Machines. Cultus 300 – 400 Opus 400-700 Swift 400 – 870