Rexius Twin 450-1030

RexiusTwin is the heaviest cultivator press on the market, available in working widths from 4.5 to 10.3 metres. It offers impressive results in both the heaviest and lightest soils. RexiusTwin cuts, crushes, levels, and consolidates the soil in a single pass whilst maintaining soil structure and creating a weatherproof surface.

You benefit from great capacity and good conditions for the coming crop.

Weight matters

RexiusTwin has a heavy construction, providing up to 1660kg of weight per metre. This weight is very important to achieve excellent consolidation at depth on heavy soil. RexiusTwin performs full depth consolidation, thereby eliminating air pockets and restoring capillarity. This allows the plant access to water and aids root development which in turn leads to an even emergence of the coming crop.

Excellent water management

The RexiusTwin has packer rings designed to create a weatherproof surface where the water either is evaporated or transported away from the upper soil layer. This concept allows the field to dry faster making it possible for the seed drill to come out sooner.

Short plough based machine chain

When using a plough, RexiusTwin is a key ingredient that leads to reduced passes and improved soil structure. With a working speed of 10-13km/h, you benefit from great capacity during those busy periods on the farm.

Cutting and loosening

In the first working zone, heavy-duty vibrating tines cuts the plough furrows. With a tine spacing of 22cm, RexiusTwin provides high intensity. The vibrating action of the tines result in great performance, whilst reducing the draught requirement. For full specifications visit the Väderstad website here. Related Väderstad Machines.

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