Rapid A 400-800S

The pneumatic seed drill Rapid A 400-800S is a powerful drill ready for future farming. The three seed drills in the product family are seed-only versions equipped with a high precision metering system. Rapid A 400-800S is designed with the driver in focus, while never compromising on the important seeding precision and crop quality.

Rapid is a seed drill that carries out seedbed preparation, levelling, drilling and reconsolidation in one pass. It offers a reliable seeding result at high working speed. The simplicity in construction, paired with a high machine quality ensures a long working life and low operating costs. Direct drilling, reduced tillage or conventional tillage – Rapid creates perfect seeding results in all conditions.

Exact seed metering

At the base of the seed hopper, the seed enters the hydraulic metering system and is distributed pneumatically to the distribution heads. The metering system Fenix can handle seed rates from 1.5kg/ha up to 500kg/ha without any parts having to be changed. Thanks to the hydraulic drive, high seed rates can be metered without lowering the driving speed. The integrated fan runs at low speed, resulting in low fuel consumption and quiet operation. Its high location reduces the amount of dust and crop residues that gets in, increasing drilling accuracy.

Full control with Väderstad SeedEye

Väderstad SeedEye is a unique system for seed counting and seed monitoring. With SeedEye farmers can easily set the number of seeds per square metre, without the need for calibration. SeedEye ensures excellent seeding results with full control.

Depth setting from the cab

To be able to instantly adapt to varying soil types or differing conditions in the field, Rapid A 400-800S can be equipped with the unique depth control system Interactive Depth Control (IDC). The system enables fine-tuning of the seeding depth with 1mm accuracy on the move. Combined with the possibility to alter the seed rate, the driver is constantly in full control of the seeding operation. By optimising output, the crop get the best start possible, leading to perfect emergence.

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