Tempo F 6-8

Tempo F is a trailed high-speed planter, available with 6 or 8 row units and fertiliser application as an option. The placement and design of the support wheels maintain the seed depth in all conditions which ensures an even crop. Tempo F offer very high fertiliser capacity with individual row shut-off, resulting in maximised uptime and fertiliser savings.

Väderstad Tempo is a new generation high-speed planter, delivering an unmatched precision at double the speed of traditional planters. No-till, min-till or conventional tillage – Tempo performs exceptionally in all conditions. The crops gets the best start possible which results in an even emergence.

Impressive depth control

To ensure optimal depth control, Tempo F is equipped with hydraulic support wheels mounted between the row units, this avoids any tilting in hilly conditions. The wide tyre profile maintains the working depth irrespective of soil type. The large diameter ensures a smooth ride at high speeds, improving planting precision.

Intelligent wheel adaptation

The eight-row Tempo F 8 has four support wheels which are coupled as a hydraulic bogie unit – walking tandem. This ensures that the load on all wheels are the same in the field, giving the machine a smoother ride on uneven ground.

High precision planting for every farm

Tempo is designed to fit most tractors. It has a low hydraulic requirement, self-sufficient electric power and requires low draught force. Tempo F has the option to equip the planter with a PTO-driven fan, this reduces the dependency of the tractor whilst still maintaining high precision planting. For full specifications visit the Väderstad website here. Related Väderstad Machines. Tempo L 12-24 Tempo R 12-18 Tempo R 4-6