Carrier 925-1225

Carrier 925-1225 is a very robust trailed disc cultivator, available in 9.25 and 12.25m working width. It can be fitted with 450 or 470mm discs. With a high working speed, it has a capacity of up to 16 hectares per hour, resulting in low capital costs per hectare. The wide range of front tools offer versatility to different farming requirements.

Carrier is a disc cultivator used for high speed primary tillage and seedbed preparation. The wide range of front tools, discs and packers enables Carrier to handle the versatile challenges of modern farming – from ultra-shallow cultivation to a deeper incorporation. The versatility it brings to the farm saves passes, decreases machine cost per hectare and provides the best start possible for the coming crop.

Discs according to requirement

Carrier 925-1225 can be fitted with either 450mm or 470mm TrueCut discs. Both discs produces fine tilth optimal for a stale seedbed. The 450mm TrueCut disc has small cut-outs, resulting in an intensive cultivation even at a very shallow working depth. The 470mm TrueCut disc has larger cut-outs which can handle more crop residue with increased penetration.

Straw harrow compensates for poor straw distribution

Large combines tend to have a poor straw distribution, leading to an uneven emergence of the next crop. Equipped with the straw harrow Carrier not only cuts, but also distributes straw in the same pass. Well distributed straw is crucial to provide the following crop with the same conditions over the entire field.

CrossCutter Knife adds versatility

By equipping Carrier 925-1225 with the intensive knife roller CrossCutter Knife, crop residues can be cut in two directions. Weeds and small-seeded crops, such as oilseed rape, profit from an improved germination. A benefit after grain or sunflowers is the intensified chopping of the straw, giving a faster decomposition. Additionally, cover crops can be crushed and incorporated cost efficiently.