FH 2200

The front-mounted fertiliser hopper FH 2200 enables high precision combi-drilling. The 2200 litre hopper is equipped with the electric Fenix III metering system and is suitable for large capacity and high working speeds on the field. FH 2200 thereby delivers a measure of fertiliser distribution that takes full advantage of the capacity of the Tempo planter.

Next generation precision metering

FH 2200 is equipped with the user-friendly and easily accessible metering system Fenix III. It is able to handle high rates, never limiting capacity. Together with its powerful hydraulic fan, FH 2200 ensures an even fertiliser distribution even at high working speeds. One important feature of Fenix III is the soft feed rotor that seals the metering system, this reduces the air requirement and in turn saves fuel.

Large and easy to fill hopper

The sloping front design of the front hopper, gives the driver good visibility. The wide opening and built in step makes it easy to fill. As an option the FH 2200 can be equipped with extra weight packages. This places additional weight on the front wheels of the tractor, thereby increasing its traction.

Modern connected control

When FH 2200 is operated together with Tempo, it connects to the planter’s gateway. This enables both the FH 2200 and Tempo planter to be operated together with the iPad-based control system, Väderstad E-Control or the ISOBUS-terminal of the tractor. For full specifications visit the Väderstad website here. Related Väderstad Machines. Tempo F 6-8 Tempo L 12-24 Tempo R12-18