Cultus 300 – 400

The 3-4m tine cultivator Cultus 300-400 has powerful tines working down to 25cm depth. You benefit from a spacious frame construction offering impressive mixing capabilities. Cultus is the ideal cultivator for those looking for high quality working results, performance and durability.

Very effective tines

The Cultus tine is designed for high performance during a long working life. With a very effective stone release at 450kg and horizontally mounted double springs, Cultus is able to keep the same working depth at all times.

The massive self-adjusting centrepiece of the spring and conical bushings in the fastening bolts gives the tine outstanding durability. The double spring prevents shock forces from entering the frame, as a result multiplying the working life.

Frame designed for high throughflow

Cultus has three strong axles and 30cm tine spacing. Together with the ground clearance, this gives maximum throughflow and capacity.

The tine distribution further provides very good mixing of harvest residues, preventing the creation of straw rows.

Full control from the cab

Cultus is able to cultivate the soil down to 25cm depth, but the machine also works very well in shallow cultivation.

To gain full control, the working depth is controlled hydraulically from the cab on all mounted versions. This makes Cultus a versatile precision cultivator on varying soil types.

Wide choice of points and shins

To meet differing farming needs, Cultus can be fitted with a wide range of points and shins.

The tine is constructed as a modular system, enabling quick change and high versatility. With the right choice of points and shins you are able to optimise the working result on your fields, providing the best start possible for the next crop.

 For full specifications visit the Väderstad website here.

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