Swift 400 – 870

Swift is a trailed tine cultivator, designed to perform at peak level in both wet and dry years. The models in the product family span from 4.0 to 8.7 metre working width. You benefit from a spacious design, which can handle large quantities of crop residues. The narrow tine spacing resulting in an intensive mixing and even working result.

Vibrating tines

The Swift tines provide effective mixing down to 20cm working depth. Since the tine vibrates with a frequency up to 100 times per second, it produces a very fine soil. An additional benefit comes from the fact that the vibrations result in less wear on points, thereby lowering operating costs and time spent on service. The Swift tine is unique in its strength and therefore comes with a three-year warranty.

Unique frame construction

Each tine axle is equipped with two tines – one in front of the axle and one behind. This construction allows for a narrow tine spacing of 19.3cm, providing intensive mixing over the entire working width. Swift’s unique design offers a low machine weight which results in minimised draught requirement. Floating wings on the larger Swift models maintains a constant depth even in hilly conditions.

Depth setting from cab

A large distinct scale clearly displays the working depth, which is set hydraulically from the cab on the move. This allows the driver to adapt the working result to different soil types or varying conditions in the field.

Wide choice of points and shins

To meet differing farming needs, Swift can be fitted with a wide range of points and shins. The tine is constructed as a modular system, enabling quick change and high versatility. With the right choice of points and shins you are able to optimise the working result on your fields, providing the best start possible for the next crop.  For full specifications visit the Väderstad website here. Related Väderstad machines. Cultus 300 – 400 Opus 400-700 Rexius 650-1230